We have been celebrating life’s moments for years and now our furniture & decor rental business can help others by:

  • Creating a mood for guests that is memorable (we love that your guests will be talking about it)

  • Minimizing work for the host (gosh, you don’t need to be moving furniture the day of!)

  • Reducing waste and clutter (think 100 table numbers post-wedding sitting in your basement)

  • Supporting Community (you can feel good when you spend)

    • A portion of every rental profit is donated to Autism Awareness​

    • We strive to buy locally and from small businesses



Olivia Ganguzza

Mom to three beautiful boys.

Wife of my high school crush.

Passionate about all things that make me happy - family, friends, creativity and celebrations!

Owner of FoxVale Homes, our sister company.

#boymom #ittakesavillage #cheers

Kellie Clark

Keeping life balanced with exercise & chocolate.

Second mom to Olivia's 3 boys.

Always ready to travel & celebrate life with my friends and boyfriend.

Social media assistant at Rock Island Lake Club & Bear Brook Valley.

#Springsteen #workhardplayhard #cheers

Erin Schollemeyer

Just married!

BCBA looking to make the world a better place. Lover of travel, fitness, and spending time with friends and family!

#takeahike #autismawareness #cheers

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